Sinfonietta Riga and Latvian Radio Choir will perform at the Baltic Sea Festival in Stockholm

Sinfonietta Riga and Latvian Radio Choir will perform at the Baltic Sea Festival on the Saturday evening 7.30 PM at the famous Berwaldhallen, Stockholm. The concert will be conducted by Sigvards Klava and the programm contains four pieces, both classical and contemporary latvian and estonian music, dedicated to Saint Mary - the symbol of piece and carrier of love.

Sigvards Klava expreses: "The concert will feature four important pieces dedicated to Virgin Mary and which somehow also will present our culture at the same time, because Latvia is used to be called The Mary's land. We wish to spread our particular and sacred message all around the Baltic sea, if not further around the Globe"

In the first part of the concert will feature Wolgang Amadeus Mozart's "Litaniae Laurentane", one of the most restrained liturgical piece by the great austrian composer. In the Berwaldhallen it will be performed by four soloists, half and half estonians and latvians - soprano Inga Kalna, alto Helen Lepalaan, tenor Mati Turi and basso Rihards Millers. Brilliant piece of estonian composer Arvo Pärt "Salve Regina" - Mary's Anthem, comissioned to him to write on the ocassion of 1150. year of establishing of city of Essen, which was later rewrite for choir, celesta and string orchestra in 2011, and respectively this version will be performed in the Baltic Sea Festiaval.

In the second part of the concert there will be again a pair of claccical and contemporary music - on the first hand Joseph Hydne's "The Missa Cellensis" as well as most famous latvian composer's Pēters Vasks "Fruit of Silenece", which creation in 2014 is inspired by Mother's Theresa poetry. Since then the opuss has been performed several times, for example, on the ocassion of celebrating of Pēteris Vasks 70th Anniversary in Riga Dom's Chatedral 16th March 2016. The piece is also recorded by Latvian radio Choir and published last year under specially established music lable dedicated to celebration of Latvian 100th year of independance in 2018.

The Saturday concert will be on the air broadcasting by Swedish Radio, as well as will be recorded be European Radio Broadcater (EBU).

More information about festival is available at the swedish radio home page by following link: http://


W. A. Mozart - Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter"
F. Mendellsohn - Symphony No. 3
Linda Leimane - Guesstimations
R. Strauss - Oboe Concerto
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